Sky is womb and she's the moon

Hoarder of my own life's truths. My observations, my conquests, my defeats, my passions, my agony, my confessions. And most importantly my journey.


In my quest to learn Portuguese I stumbled across the word sozinha. Properly pronounced it’s more like SO-ZING-YA (minus the G noise).

What a beautiful collection of sound in syllables…

…It means alone.

Mom always said “In life it is better to be alone than in bad company.”

Give me someone

Just give me the one I need, please just stop with the overwhelming amount of garbage and let me find my one. I need to rest in someone’s arms, the world is spinning too fast for me to continue at this pace.


I realize I’ve left this abandoned. Afraid to share the exact locations of the flaws I’ve concealed, in a way negating their very existence. As time whittles away one matures and in the efforts of achieving success and professionalism loses sight of self.

I remember me, she’s got a lot of soul

And as the record spins I’m reminded of how colorful my life is.

And as the record spins I’m reminded of how colorful my life is.

Dear Self

I’ve not posted much in the past couple of months, it doesn’t matter I’m convinced I’m the only one that still looks at this thing. I’m perfectly content accepting this fact. Really, in retrospect, this blog serves as a reminder. Not a very good reminder because it like all things has been altered. Carefully arranged so that only certain aspects can be reviewed and others meant to be forgotten. This is the tattered reminder of what remains.

03/12/13 12am  

Dear Self,

You’ll never find out unless you try.

In recognition of my past, I congratulate myself on my present, and toast to my future.

I was once told everything we go through is exactly what we need at the time to nourish and strengthen our spirit. I’ve been humiliated, beaten, bruised, shamed, and broken. I’ve looked in the devil’s eyes and shed tears of pure fear as he kissed me and said I love you. I’ve had the very foundations of my powerful nature stolen from right under my feet before I even got the chance to stand.

It’s taken me a long time to find the strength I have now. I dealt with the skeletons in my closet and now its lookin’ like blue skies. I leave to reconnect with the grandeur of nature in 3 days. Thank you universe for all your blessings, I will continue to walk the most righteous path I can, the best way I can.

"The best way to show your appreciation to God for life is to realize your full potential."